Product certificates

SILK PLASTER meets international quality standards! The TUV quality mark is a sign of customer trust. It means that the manufacturer's products have passed serious tests, have been evaluated by independent experts, and the information on the product packaging is completely correct. In addition to testing the quality and environmental friendliness of the products, TUV representatives inspected the production of SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper and decorative plaster together with the auditors and experts of the Leroy Merlin store chain. They noted the safety of automated production, constant quality control and order in workplaces - thus ensuring the stability of the properties of the materials produced. SILK PLASER has owned the TUV quality mark since 2019 and maintains product quality and environmental friendliness at the highest level!

Emission classification of building materials M1 (Helsinki, Finland)

According to European standards, finishing materials (construction materials for interior works) are divided into three emission categories according to the amount of toxic and potentially harmful volatile substances they cause. The highest category M1 includes materials that release very little or no volatile matter into the room air. Class M2 includes materials that evaporate a small amount of substances. Marking in category M3 means that the materials have exceeded the emission limits of building materials.

The manufacturer SILK PLASTER is the holder of the M1 conformity certificate for the highest emission class of materials.

It means:

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpapers have passed tests performed by an independent, accredited testing laboratory. The tests carried out include tests for the presence of all volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, ammonia and carcinogens, as well as a mandatory odor assessment to detect the odors of the tested materials, which is carried out 4 weeks after their installation. SILK PLASTER materials do not emit harmful toxic substances and are odorless, environmentally friendly and suitable for people with allergies, among other things.

Abbreviation fr. Conformité Européenne - "European conformity" - a sign of compliance with the essential requirements of EU directives and harmonized standards of the European Union. The existence of the CE certificate shows that the product is not harmful (dangerous) to the health of consumers and is also harmless to the environment.

Indoor environment conformity certificate (France)

SILK PLASTER French environmental quality marks: A + certificate (Emissions dans l'air interieur).

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpapers have been successfully tested according to the French environmental safety mark "Emissions of volatile substances into the air" and have received the highest environmental level A+ .

According to European standards, finishing materials (construction materials for interior works) are divided into emission classes according to the amount of toxic and potentially harmful volatile substances they cause. Certification is carried out according to strict standards with laboratory tests, based on which the manufacturer declares its safety level. The scale is divided into 4 classes, where A + is the highest (insignificant emission), C is the lowest ecological level (significant level of harmful emissions). SILK PLATER is the holder of the highest emission class A+ conformity certificate for materials.

It means:

The liquid wallpapers and decorative plasters manufactured by SILK PLASTER have passed the tests performed by an independent accredited testing laboratory. The measurement of the emission level of volatile substances is performed for the most dangerous and commonly occurring compounds:

formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, toluene, styrene, xylene, ethylbenzene and others.

The test indicators are far from the upper limit of the permitted standards, i.e. SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is a "green" environmentally friendly material that does not emit harmful toxic substances, does not smell and is suitable for e.g. for use in children's rooms and for people prone to allergic reactions.