Our story

The story of Silk Plaster Liquid wallpaper begins in 2017, when I was looking for wall coverings for my home under construction. The wish was for something special, natural and easy to care for. During my search, I came across a liquid fabric wallpaper. The products on the Finnish market seemed expensive and the selection was scarce, so I started looking for alternatives around the world. I found Silk Plaster liquid fabric wallpapers manufactured in Europe, whose properties met all the previous criteria. It soon became clear that others also liked the products in question, and from that started the idea of ​​importing liquid fabric wallpaper.

-CEO Ave Altmart-



We succeed when the customer succeeds.

We always aim for perfect performance, "good enough" is not enough.

We really care, we help our customers succeed in their projects. Customer satisfaction is important to us.

We invest in mutual trust, respect and ethical behavior. Our operations are open, flexible and honest, we listen to our customers and respect the promises we make.


We want to grow, we want to stand out.

Our goal is to be a desired and long-term partner for our customers. We prepare, innovate and adapt to changes.