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Protective varnish SILK PLASTER For liquid fabric carpets. When using the wallpaper manufacturer's varnish, the fabric wallpapers remain bright and breathable. The varnish is designed to protect Liquid Fabric Wallpaper from external damage.

The varnish protects the surface from water, UV radiation and biological and mechanical damage. It forms a hydrophobic (breathable but waterproof) flexible coating with dirt and water repellent properties.

When varnished, the wallpapers remain original, retaining their color saturation, and in this case the wallpaper can also be wet cleaned. The product is colorless, matte, does not foam, dries quickly, does not turn yellow, does not have a pungent odor, is fire-resistant and non-toxic. The product is applied in two layers.

Package size 1L. Adequacy: 10 m2.

NOTE! Once Liquid Fabric Tapestry has been coated with varnish, it can no longer be reused or patched.

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