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Primer 1kg

Primer 1kg

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Primer is used for surface treatment before the installation of SILK PLASTER Liquid Fabric Carpet, in order to obtain better adhesion to the installation surface. Using a primer makes it possible to apply liquid wallpaper on any surface. It forms a waterproof and vapor permeable layer. Primer is applied with a roller or brush one to two times. Drying between layers, 4h.

Tools are cleaned with water immediately after use. If the primer ends up on other surfaces, remove the spills immediately.

Touch dry: 30-60 min, for coating: 24 H

For outdoor and indoor use.

Solvent free.


Package size: 1kg.

Adequacy of the package: depending on the substrate and the absorbency of the treated surface. On average, 3 m2 of the package is enough.

Operational safety

Keep out of reach of children. If the substance gets into the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of clean water. The product must not be allowed to enter drains, waterways and soil. When handling the product, the same caution as with all other building materials containing chemicals must be observed.

R 36/37/38

S2, S24, S25, S29

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